Lowest cost of conversion and lowest risk of infection

Novozymes Secura® is a unique, thermostable, pH-robust beta amylase for maltose syrup production. Secura® tolerates higher temperature as well as lower pH, enabling you to optimize production parameters, reducing both the risk of bacterial infection and processing costs.

Simpler operations and lower costs

Secura® is highly pH-robust. When used in combination with Novozymes LpHera®, you can run production at a lower pH, saving on chemicals. Another advantage of running  at a lower pH is that it typically results in a better color of the finished product. 

Secura® is also more heat-stable, allowing production to run at higher temperatures, reducing the risk of infections. 

A higher saccharification temperature results in high maltose yields with the same saccharification time and dosage. It also reduces the rate of ion exchanger regeneration.

Easier to ship, store and dose 

Because Secura® can be stored at up to 25°C, it offers more flexible shipping and storage, and simpler, more consistent dosing.
Secura® is highly concentrated, which means less material to ship, store and handle. It’s Chometz-free Kosher and Halal-certified. 

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