Higher dextrose yields, stable saccharification process

In production of dextrose syrups, the requirements for the final syrup determine the saccharification parameters. This includes the enzyme application, which can be complex. Novozymes’ Dextrozyme® product range improves dextrose yields and filtration, and ensures a more stable process.

Higher dextrose yields, smooth processing

Novozymes Dextrozyme® for saccharification:

• Higher dextrose yield – due to lower reversion rate
• Low risk of syrup infections – by running at even up to 64°C (147ºF) – the temperature tolerance depends on the specific enzyme product
• Stable process – allowing for variations in pH – the pH stability depends on the specific enzyme product
• Improved filtration – smooth filtration on a rotary vacuum filter is crucial to wet millers. Novozymes’ range offers various ways to use lysophospholipases to improve filtration, which for example can achieve filtration speeds of wheat syrups similar to corn

Improved pH stability, consistent dosing 

One product in Novozymes’ range is Dextrozyme® Go, a glucoamylase blend for saccharification, formulated to deliver a more robust saccharification process. Its improved pH stability enables more consistent dosing – even under variable process conditions. Furthermore, Dextrozyme® Go has added lysophospholipase for improved filtration.

With a new and improved pullulanase, Dextrozyme® Go offers more robust saccharification through improved pH stability, which enables more consistent dosing under variable processing conditions.

Wide range of applications

Novozymes’ Dextrozyme® product range for saccharification is designed to cover the entire application spectrum. The products are a blend of glucoamylases and pullulanases, formulated to support a variety of production parameters.

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