Maintain fruit integrity

Good to the last bite

Processed fruits, vegetables, and plants need to look their best when they reach the consumers’ breakfast table. When processing vegetables and fruit for use in yogurt, ice cream, toppings and fillings, up to 50% of the raw material is damaged. 

In an era with increasing food demand and limited natural resources, making the most of the fruit already harvested is positive for your margins and good for the planet. Novozymes can help you protect the integrity of your fruit during processing.  
Products to trust

The power of Acrylaway®

Novozymes Acrylaway® can dampen consumer concerns about acrylamide and help create a product they will trust.

Squeeze more out of your fruit

Juice up your yield and process capacity

Squeeze more juice out of your apples, pears, grapes and berries and remove haze-causing substances from the juices, with help from Novozymes solutions. Our enzymes help you increase juice yield, enhance color, and optimize your process capacity.  

Maximizes your raw material and maintain high fruit integrity during processing with Novozymes Novoshape®, a pure, tailor-made pectin esterase


  • Higher yield of good quality fruit
  • Enhanced visual appearance and texture
  • Increased juice retention
  • Improved rheological properties
Plate with a half bun with jelly, clementine slices and hazelnut

Acrylaway® helps cut down on acrylamide content in processed foods by up to 95%. That’s good news for food manufacturers and consumers focused on food safety. Both the EU and the United States have expressed concern about the possible carcinogenic effects of acrylamide.


  • Significant acrylamide reduction
  • Same tempting taste and appearance of end product