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Pectinase enzymes are effective tools in fruit preparations to increase yields from plant extracts, protect the quality and appearance of processed fruit and vegetables, reduce fruit-firming waste and maintain fruit-piece identity.

Maintain fruit integrity

Up to 50% of the raw material can be damaged when processing vegetables and fruit for use in yogurt, ice cream, toppings and fillings. Novozymes Novoshape® can help you protect the integrity of your plant products during processing, increase juice retention and improve rheological properties.

The fruit’s own pectinase

Novozymes Novoshape® reduces the need for texture additives, because Novoshape® works on the fruit’s own pectin and minerals. It is a processing aid, no labelling is required. It is preservative-free.

Your solution for fruit firming

High fruit integrity and less waste during processing with Novozymes Novoshape®, a pure, tailor-made pectin esterase. It’s a preservative-free processing aid – no labelling required.


  • Higher yield of good-quality fruit
  • Better visual appearance and texture
  • Increased juice retention
  • Improved rheological properties

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