Access more oil than you thought possible

Staying competitive in the vegetable oil processing industry means you have to constantly optimize processes, reduce costs and extract maximum value from the feedstock. But with the existing water degumming or alkaline refining process, you rarely manage to achieve more than 95% of oil yield. 

We believe it’s time to think beyond traditional processes and recover extra oil that’s hiding in plain sight.   

Novozymes Quara® Boost 

Up to 2% extra oil yield with 0% FFA

Quara® Boost consists of two uniquely specific phospholipase C molecules. These molecules hydrolyze around 75% of the phospholipids PC, PE and PI without releasing any unwanted free fatty acid.  

Other benefits include

  • Reduce up to 40% of low value by-products
  • Achieve an extra $7 per ton of oil you produce

What could this extra yield mean for your business?

Watch the benefits of enzymatic degumming

Gain oil yield and consistently meet your end-product specifications for phosphorous levels with Quara® LowP. A new PLA1 premium enzyme for full degumming of vegetable oils, Quara® LowP has high enzyme activity on phospholipids. 


  • Effectively releases more neutral oil and free fatty acids (FFA)
  • Reduces chemical use and the formation of undesirable low value by-products like gums and soap
  • Produces impressive yield gains

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