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Cut energy use, boost capacity

Increasing refining capacity while reducing energy consumption is a key challenge for many mills. Greg DeLozier of our Forest Products team explains how Novozymes FiberCare® implemented in a customer's fine paper production process helped overcome this challenge.

Even small improvements in a mill's process can make all the difference. By implementing FiberCare®, mills can expect significant improvements

The results were impressive, with a cut of 49% in refining energy. But that wasn't all: FiberCare® increased tear strength by 4.2% and breaking length by 9%.

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Using chemical pulp with oxidative chemicals is a time and energy-consuming process.  
Novozymes Biobrite® and Novozymes Pulpzyme®, our enzymatic solutions for bleach boosting, are a resource-effective alternative for your bleaching plant.  
• Reduced kappa number  

• Increased pulp brightness when the same bleaching chemical charges are applied

• Savings in bleaching chemicals  

• Increase in final brightness of the paper.

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The quality of your recycled paper depends on how effectively you can remove ink and other contaminants.  
Liberating ink with our enzymatic solutions for deinking, Novozymes Pulpzyme® and Novozymes Resinase®, improves paper quality and helps improve your overall sustainability profile by reducing your use of bleaching chemicals. 
• Increased brightness level

• Reduced dirt count

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Efficiency savings in the refining of both virgin and secondary pulp are key to the competitiveness of your operation.  
Our enzymatic pretreatment and drainage solutions Novozymes BioPrep®, Novozymes FiberCare® and Novozymes Novozym® can help improve your quality parameters and achieve value-adding product characteristics. 
• Increased productivity

• Reduced need for drying and refining energy

• Reduced need for drainage chemicals

• Increased paper strength

• Reduced virgin/recycled ratio.

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Keeping lignin and other phenolic compounds out of effluent can be difficult and expensive.  
By oxidising these compounds, Novozymes Novozym® 51003 enables and promotes their separation from effluents and increases your capacity.  
 • Reduced costs

 • Biodegradable for improved sustainability profile

 • Improved final product physical and mechanical properties

 • Improved paper machine  runnability

Wastewater treatment plant

Deposition of pitch on equipment increases equipment downtime and cleaning frequency for your felts and rolls. 
Our enzymatic solutions for pitch and stickies control Novozymes Resinase® and Novozymes StickAway® prevent deposition to boost your efficiency and the appearance of your final product.  
• Fewer spots and holes

• Fewer paper breaks

• Increased paper strength

• Allows for increased wood substitution

• Fewer bacterial slime deposits

• Better machine runnability

• Fewer spots and holes

• Fewer paper breaks  

• Increased felt life

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You can cut costs by modifying your starch in-house rather than buying modified starches. 
With our enzymatic solutions for starch modification, Novozymes Aquazym®, Novozymes Ban™ and Novozymes Termamyl®, you can take advantage of this in-house approach while improving your sustainability.    
• Save on modified starch

• Increase viscosity control and flexibility

• Obtain high-quality starch sizes

• Replace aggressive oxidizing agents with biodegradable enzymes.

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