Differentiate your brand

Want your brands to stand out? 

We know how you feel. Whether it's laundry, dishwash, or professional cleaning, at Novozymes Household Care we understand that  there are only so many innovative brand claims you can make. One of your worst nightmares is to have your brand become a copycat brand. Don't worry. We have a plan to make your brand unique. In fact, we have two.
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We take cleaning personally

Cleaning is a personal business. Brand innovations should be personal too. Regional, cultural, economic, and environmental factors can affect what you clean, how you clean, when you clean, and who does the cleaning. We take all of this into account to help your brand become the chosen one.

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Cleaning with a conscience 

The world needs a serious clean-up. Our solutions provide sustainable answers to some of the world’s biggest problems – like water shortage, pollution and excessive chemical use. A low-temperature detergent is not just what's right for your business or your consumers – it’s also the right thing to do.  

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Meet your consumer

Different consumers, different insights

Shifting economic, political, social, and cultural realities mean that consumers aren't always just like you. Our customized solutions help your brand reach modern consumers - whether it's European millennials, multicultural Americans, India's growing middle class, or a burgeoning urban population in Africa.
Novozymes Laundry Solutions

Whites stay white. Colors stay bright.

Our innovative enzymes provide a sustainable, effective alternative to chemical ingredients in your detergents. Together, we can give consumers cutting-edge stain removal and whiter, brighter and softer clothes.  Consumers get complete fabric care, our planet gets lower wash temperatures and chemical use, and you get superior brand claims and performance.
How’s that for happy endings?

Hit the right note with your consumers

The Novozymes Medley® multi-enzyme solution is the perfect composition for any stain. You just need to press play.  

Each enzyme in this unique multi-enzyme blend is there for a specific reason - to target each stain and meet every need. For you and your brand, this means: 

Flexibility: Medley® is available for liquids, powders and hand-wash detergents.  

Consistent and outstanding performance: In-depth cleaning, time after time  

An enzyme to remove all kinds of stains: Targeted stain-relevant action 

Simplifies procurement and production processes: A one-order product that enables higher processing control


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Spot-on stain removal 

Even the best detergents are challenged by stains. There are several kinds, they are difficult to remove, and they often require cleaning that is dependent on stain and fabric type.

Our stain-removal enzymes are designed to target specific stains in the most effective, sustainable, and efficient way possible.  


Types of stain-removal enzymes:

  • Protease for protein stain removal
  • Amylase for starch stain removal
  • Lipase for grease stain removal
  • Mannanase for mannan-based stain removal
  • Pectin-degrading enzymes for fruit-based stain removal 

Benefits of stain-removal enzymes: 
  • Provide targeted stain removal – match the right stain with the right enzyme
  • Remove stubborn stains like meat, pasta, and lipstick
  • Create unique brand claims
  • Allow for more sustainable laundry detergents via biodegradable enzymes.



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What’s all the fuzz about? 

Fuzz and pills on fabric can ruin an entire garment. They make new clothes look old, bright colors look jaded, and smooth fabric turn rough.

How do you create a detergent formulation that gets rid of them? You guessed it - Novozymes' enzymes.

The fuzz and pill removal power of enzymes

  • Keeps fabric, especially cotton, looking new by cleaving protruding fibers
  • Removes fuzz and pills from diverse fabric types
  • Keeps fabric surface smooth and soft
  • Keeps garments looking new
  • Retains color brightness and prevents fading
  • Creates unique laundry brand claims
  • Allows for more sustainable laundry detergents via  biodegradable enzymes
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Because there’s no such thing as snow-whitish  

Not whitish. Not used-to-be-white. Just pure, crisp white.  That’s a brand claim that will make any detergent stand out – and it's exactly what we offer detergents with our laundry detergent enzymes.
Regular washing damages cotton fibers, resulting in bristly microfibrils trapping dirt and preventing whites from staying white. Regular bleaching agents aren't the solution. They can't prevent soil deposition or particulate soiling of fabrics. But enzymes can help your detergent live up to its promise of lasting whiteness.  


Whiteness-retention benefits of enzymes

  • Perform better than bleaching agents for whiteness retention
  • Retain whiteness of clothes  
  • Keep clothes looking new
  • Stop fabric graying by preventing soil deposition on clothes
  • Make laundry detergents more sustainable via biodegradable enzymes 
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Novozymes Dishwash Solutions

Dishrupt the status quo

Life’s too short to waste doing dishes. That's why Novozymes' sustainable dishwash solutions are designed for better, faster and easier automatic and hand dishwashing. Together, we can give consumers more time for life - and help save the planet.

Give consumers a helping hand 

Soaking, scrubbing and hand-washing dishes is a time-consuming process for anyone. Our sustainable enzymatic hand dishwash solutions are designed to promote easier living through easier cleaning.

Our enzymatic solutions target complex food stains for a consistent and efficient clean. They also reduce the need for soaking and scrubbing by 50% compared to traditional non-enzymatic detergents. That’s more time to enjoy life – and less time spent at the sink.

Woman squirting liquid dish soap on a sponge by the kitchen sink

Set life to easy mode

Consumers buy dishwashers to save the time spent washing dishes by hand. Unfortunately, they are often trading in one set of problems for another. Dishwashers can cause cloudy glassware and a build-up of starch and protein on dishes.

The solution? Our range of sustainable, enzymatic automatic dishwash solutions.  

Our enzymes break down starch and protein soils on dishes – reaching places the dishwasher’s water jets don’t. This means effective soil removal, no build-up and an environmentally-friendly solution.  

Now, automatic dishwashing will stand for less effort and better cleaning.

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Novozymes Professional Cleaning Solutions

Clean like a pro

At Novozymes, we understand that your customers' trust is priceless. Our professional cleaning enzymes are designed to help you gain and keep that trust with superlative, cost-effective, consistent and sustainable cleaning solutions. Whatever your industry, chances are we have enzymes designed for you.  
Discover the perfect enzymatic partner for your business.

Don't re-wash. Re-think.

Professional fabric care is a competitive industry with high consumer expectations. It's important to tackle the growing list of consumer needs. Novozymes Leviti® can do that.


  • Cleaning becomes fast, easy and more efficient as enzymes break down the tough stains and facilitate easy cleaning
  • Flexible format compatible with liquid detergents and liquid boosters
  • Lower re-wash rates  
  • Increased textile lifetime  
  • The cost-effective choice - it does away with needless rewashing
  • The sustainable choice – more enzymes mean fewer chemicals and more mild washing conditions
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High-level cleaning

Novozymes offers a full range of enzymes that act on food residues for cleaning in place (CIP) at food and beverage processing plants. 


  • Improved cleaning
  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products 
Food and beverage processing in Portugal

Microorganisms at your service

Microorganisms are efficient and fast at removing dirt caught in drains, in grease interceptors, and in fissures on hard surfaces. 
Novozymes delivers sustainable cleaning solutions that are ready to go further than other cleaning agents. The hard-working microorganisms make it easier to clean hard surfaces properly, and they efficiently break down fats and other substances trapped in drains and grease interceptors. 


  • Fast cleaning and a longer-lasting effect
  • Reduced malodor by breaking down odor molecules
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products 
Industrial kitchen in stainless steel

A healthy clean

Enzymes are active ingredients for cleaning in the healthcare industry. They efficiently level up cleaning performance against high alkalinity to secure a consistent reprocessing of an instrument before it gets disinfected.


  • Superior cleaning performance
  • More gentle on sensitive instruments like endoscopes
  • Effectiveness at mild pH levels and under low-temperature conditions
  • Boron-free
  • Biodegradable

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Stench warfare 

Fight the stink with microorganisms. Our effective microbial solutions degrade the odorous molecules and organics found on hard surfaces and fabrics. 


  • Effective neutralization and removal of a wide range of malodors
  • Long-lasting, in-depth odor control through degradation of odorous molecules and odor-causing organics
  • Advanced microbial technology for powerful, long-lasting odor control
  • Sustainable, natural cleaning products
Odor control

This party has a dress code – green 

We all have a favorite color. At Novozymes, it’s green. Our products and services allow consumers to clean with a conscience, and our sustainable manufacturing practices feature improved water efficiency, energy savings, and reduced waste and carbon footprint.

Ready to join the party?

Go green with us

  • Strengthen your brand and increase your sustainability profile
  • Differentiate your products to increase your market share in current and new market space
  • Own new brand claims based on third-party certifications
  • Get on the fast track to a certified, environmentally-preferred cleaning product line
  • Benefit from transparent, science-based proof of environmental compliance 
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Did you know?

The benefits of enzymes

Read what the European Commission, European Ecolabel and A.I.S.E. have to say about the benefits of enzymes in detergents. And find out why their benefits could really make a difference to consumers.

Coming Clean 

The use of enzymes in household detergents results in lower washing temperatures, reduced water consumption, reduced washing times, and a reduced load of toxic substances in waste water (enzymes replace chemical substances in detergents). 

- European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Hand filling dishwash detergent in a dishwasher

Coming Clean

Enzymes have enabled detergents to work better at removing stains, offering whiteness and brighter colours, as well as fabric care and wear benefits. Enzyme containing detergents are effective with smaller dosages (detergent compaction) and perform well under a broad range of conditions including washing at low temperatures such as 30°C.

- A.I.S.E. (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products)

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Coming Clean 

53% of North American consumers soak their dishes before washing them in a dishwasher because they do not trust the efficacy of their dishwash detergents. 

- Novozymes ADW consumer survey, January 2016 


Hand pouring blue liquid laundry detergent into washing machine

Coming Clean 

From a cleaning performance as well as a sustainability point of view, enzymes are highly desirable ingoing substances of detergents. Enzymes enable improved cleaning at lower temperatures. They are renewable and readily biodegradable substances. Enzymes can substitute or reduce some of the oil and mineral based detergent ingoing substances such as surfactants and phosphates. 

- European Ecolabel 

Hand pouring laundry detergent powder into washing machine