What is compound removal?

Wastewater can contain many harmful compounds. From odor-causing organic compounds to pharmaceuticals, and detergents, organic wastewater compounds must be removed to create a healthy water system. Luckily, microbes can aid in the compound removal process.

Microbes to the rescue

How can microbes help?

Novozymes solutions remove a wide range of wastewater pollutants efficiently and effectively. This results in lower operating costs, improved plant efficiency and a simplified wastewater treatment process.

Products in the Novozymes BioRemove® and Novozymes BioEase® portfolios degrade a range of compounds in municipal and industrial wastewater systems, including chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia, hydrocarbons, phenols, and fats, oils and grease (FOG).

The cold-loving microorganisms in Novozymes Toler-X® 5100 reduce COD at temperatures as low as 2°C/36°F.

Naturally strong and versatile

BioRemove® products contain a blend of carefully chosen microbes with unique degradation capabilities. These microbes are specifically selected to thrive in harsh conditions.

BioRemove® is naturally robust enough to work in a wide range of plants and applications. It’s the sustainable solution for improving COD and hydrocarbon reduction, for optimizing phenol, FOG and surfactant degradation, and for removing COD and ammonia.

Increase biogas production

Revolutionary industrial wastewater treatment

Achieve high performance wastewater treatment results at just 2°C (36 °F) with Toler-X®.

When water temperature falls below 15 °C (60 °F), wastewater treatments can deteriorate. But, Toler-X® contains microbes proven to work in much colder water. It can also help reduce the impact of high influent COD and hydraulic washouts.

Achieve optimal wastewater treatment results and meet compliance demands. Toler-X® is an effective biological solution to your environmental needs.

Advantages of enzymes for compound removal

BioRemove® 3200 is used for grease degradation in the food industry.

BioRemove® 3200 benefits

  • Targets fats, oils and grease
  • Reduces grease related filamentous bulking
  • Reduces foam removal costs

BioRemove® 5100 is used for improved treatment in complex industrial wastewater.

BioRemove® 5100 benefits

  • Lowers BOD/COD
  • Improves health of the biomass
  • Helps stability and upset recovery
  • Can be used in a wide range of industries

BioRemove® 2300 is used for hydrocarbon degradation in the refining and petrochemical industry.

BioRemove® 2300 benefits

  • Improves effluent quality and plant stability
  • Helps minimize impacts from toxicity
  • Improves turnarounds
  • Reduces hydrocarbon-related filamentous bulking

BioRemove® 4200 is used for grease degradation in municipal wastewater.

BioRemove® 4200 benefits

  • Targets fats, oils and grease
  • Reduces grease-related filamentous bulking
  • Reduces foaming removal costs

Learn more about Toler-X®

Toler-X® helps plants comply with their permits and improves plant efficiency at low temperatures.

Toler-X® benefits

  • Reduces permit violations
  • Reduces surcharges
  • Improves COD reduction at low temperatures
  • Improves system stability at low temperatures


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