Inhibitory chemicals for biological wastewater treatment

To ensure the microbial community is performing as expected, it is important to understand which compounds have a negative impact on your system.

Novozymes’ Guide to Higher Life Forms

This guide was designed to help wastewater professionals identify higher life forms and assist the interpretation of conditions based on the analysis.

A Guide to Wastewater Microbiology

This guide is a 15-page free download that provides an introduction to microorganisms, growth requirements, and microbial processes.


Reference Guide to Activated Sludge

Activated sludge systems are wastewater treatment systems that produce an activated mass of microorganisms (also known as sludge) capable of aerobically degrading waste.


Nitrification Q&A for the Wastewater Industry

This document is a useful tool for any wastewater operator or personnel seeking to increase their knowledge of wastewater nitrification.