Biology is the heart of wastewater treatment technology, and the microbial community is the heart of the wastewater treatment facility. In order to solve wastewater treatment problems, it is critical to fix the root cause of the problem (a microbial community that is not optimized) rather than just symptoms.

Of course, the first step to optimizing a microbial community is identifying and understanding the microorganisms that make up the biomass. That’s why Novozymes’ Wastewater Team created a Guide to Wastewater Microbiology, a 15-page free download that provides an introduction to microorganisms, growth requirements, and microbial processes related to wastewater treatment.

Included in this document are:

  • Detailed descriptions of the different ways microorganisms are classified
  • Explanations of growth requirements - for example, carbon and energy sources.
  • Diagrams of microbial processes in the environment.

This guide is a great tool for any wastewater operator or personnel seeking to increase their knowledge of biological wastewater treatment.

Download Novozymes Guide to Wastewater Microbiology

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