What is Wastewater Odor Management

Why stop the stench?

What do sweaty socks, rotten eggs, rancid Butter and sulfur have in common?

They are all terms that nearby residents might use to describe the stench coming from your wastewater treatment plant.

Let’s face it. Industrial wastewater and sewage treatment plants don’t exactly smell like roses. Nasty odors are a continuing concern for both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants due to expanding nearby communities and commercial centers. Many of these smells are from sulfur-based odors like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptans. They are detectable at very low concentrations and are often caused by nuisance bacteria that grow in anaerobic environments. Sulfur-based odors, like many of the issues around wastewater treatment plants, are biological problems that are often best solved with biological solutions.

Luckily, there are biological wastewater treatment solutions that can help stop the stench of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, organic acids and other odors coming from wastewater. Some of these solutions even offer fragrance.

OdorCap® -- The stench solution

Ready to pass the smell test? Try Novozymes’ OdorCap®. These biological wonders include advanced blends of microorganisms that target the main odors associated with wastewater treatment plants, including sulfides, mercaptans, organic acids, and sludge odors.

Products in the Novozymes OdorCap® portfolio are made with patented biological odor control technology that is capable of degrading hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and volatile fatty acids. OdorCap works in the same environment as odors are generated and don’t have unintended negative impacts on biological wastewater treatment systems.

The benefits of OdorCap®

Products in the Novozymes OdorCap® portfolio target odors from hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, organic acids and a variety of wastewater odors, as well as offering odor control with fragrance.

Our tailored odor control programs are based on advanced sampling techniques that help determine which odor compounds are present and where they are formed in the wastewater treatment process.

OdorCap® benefits

  • Dynamic response to odor formation – prevention at source
  • Superior odor management through odor binding chemistry and odor degrading microorganisms
  • Available in spray form for direct application on surfaces

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