Wastewater system start-up: A tricky business

The successful start-up of a wastewater treatment plant requires a specific series of events involving the microbial community. First, microbes need to build to a concentration sufficient for removing organics within the designed hydraulic retention time. Secondly, the microbial community needs to flocculate and settle.

If one of these events does not happen, the start-up period can drag on for weeks, causing delays and possible production hold-ups for industrial wastewater treatment plants. A well-developed microbial community can take weeks or months to become established when using just native microorganisms. Importing sludge can shorten the start-up period, but it involves the hassle of finding a source and trucking it to the plant. Imported sludge also doesn’t always lead to a shorter start-up period, particularly if the sludge requires an adaptation period or contains nuisance organisms like filaments.

Reduce production delays, enable discharge compliance

Novozymes BioQuick 5140® is a unique enzymatic solution for wastewater treatment start-up systems.

BioQuick® contains beneficial microorganisms on a microporous mineral carrier and trace elements. When added to an aeration basin, the carrier acts as a support medium and provides attachment sites for bacterial growth, while the micronutrients and microorganisms help accelerate biomass development.

As the microbial community develops, BioQuick® 5140 helps floc particles increase in size, mass, and ability to settle.

BioQuick 5140® should be used in conjunction with other Novozymes’ microbial products for start-ups and for upset recovery. This allows the start-up process to happen faster and with greater predictability.

Improving your business is our business

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Advantages of enzymes for wastewater system start-up

BioQuick® 5140 helps wastewater treatment plants lower operating costs, improve efficiency, and simplify operations.

BioQuick® 5140 benefits

  • Reduces surcharges
  • Reduces permit violations
  • Reduces production delays
  • Quickly builds biomass
  • Improves Flocculation
  • Improves settleability
  • Shortens the start-up period
  • Makes start-ups more predictable


BioQuick® 5140 product sheet

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