Microbes do more

Microbes are microscopic, single-celled organisms like bacteria and fungi. Although they are often associated with dirt and disease, most microbes are beneficial. For example, microbes keep nature clean by helping break down dead plants and animals into organic matter.

But there are many more natural benefits of microbes, including helping farmers increase yields and protect crops. They can also improve livestock health, growth and feed utilization.  

Microbes also increase wastewater treatment efficiency and optimize healthy water quality in aquaculture.

Future proof with innovation

Although miniscule, microbes have the power to solve daunting global challenges and unlock new ways we can work towards a greener future. 

By using biology, we can make a sustainable difference together.
Millions of years of mutual benefits
Our solutions

Tiny powerhouses

Crop protection, sustainable farming, wastewater treatment and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. All in a day's work for our microbial solutions. Find out how our customers use our microbial solutions to do more with less.

At a time in which global food demand is increasing as the availability of farmable land is decreasing, microbes play a key role in sustainably optimizing agricultural processes. They thrive in soil and are an important part in many of a plant's biological functions. They aid crop growth, secure nutrients and even fend off pests naturally. The natural benefits of microbes are a powerful complement to existing plant and soil treatments.

Powerful protection, higher yields


Probiotics are naturally occurring live microbes that stabilize the gut flora of poultry, pigs and other animals. They can improve animal health, growth rate and feed utilization. This saves resources and makes the animal farming industry more sustainable.

Improve animal health and feed efficiency


Water quality is a key factor in successful aquaculture. Novozymes' microbial solutions for aquaculture use beneficial bacteria that help to maintain healthy conditions in a natural and effective way.

Better growth, survival and disease resistance


Microbes are at the heart of every municipality's and industry's biological wastewater system. They detect which contaminants are present and - if capable - produce the enzymes needed to break them down. Adding Novozymes' microbial solutions to the existing wastewater microbial community increases its ability to break down contaminants.

Optimize your wastewater treatment


Wastewater treatment facilities can produce biogas, a source of renewable energy that can be used as a heat source or converted into electricity. Adding our biological solutions to the existing wastewater microbial community can lead to higher biogas production. Novozymes itself uses biogas produced from wastewater in some of our production facilities.

Boost biogas production