Biologicals: a powerful tool for growers

Growers need as many tools as possible to increase yields and control disease. Biologicals are sometimes described as agriculture’s oldest technology.

They work with and enhance natural processes including nitrogen fixation, stress tolerance and disease protection. But they can face skepticism from growers.

That’s why it’s so important to choose products with proven results, from a reputable supplier.


The proof is in the numbers

Growers know that not all biologicals are equal. They need to see reputable data showing that products actually work. That’s why it’s so important for you to choose a supplier who can give you that data.

At Novozymes, we’re committed to providing proof through large-scale field trials of our state-of-the-art technology. The results are clear: our products live up to their promise, delivering consistent, significant, proven win rates across a range of crops and geographies. So when you choose Novozymes biologicals, you can give growers the ROI they expect.

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Proven yield advantage


Novozymes Torque® IF

Novozymes Torque® IF is a soil-applied signaling molecule that increases mycorrhizal associations along plant roots. This leads to increased stress tolerance, and higher yields. 


* Performance based on 102 field trains in North America over 5 years

Novozymes Ratchet®

Novozymes Ratchet® is a foliar applied signaling molecule that enhances photosynthesis and sugar production, improving plant health and increasing yields.


2 Summary of 118 trials over 3 years & 3 Summary of 191 trials over 4 years

Making biologicals easy to incorporate

As living organisms – or the products of living organisms - biologicals need to be thoughtfully incorporated to ensure compatibility. That’s why it’s so important to choose a supplier who’s done the incorporation groundwork for growers.

We’ve dedicated more than 20 years to a thorough and detailed compatibility testing program. Our recommendations are backed by data, our treatments performed in triplicate and sampled in duplicate.

From the program, we’ve developed a guide for your customers so they can easily incorporate our biosolutions into their farming regimen. 

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Innovating for higher yields today…and tomorrow

We’re committed to constant innovation and providing quality products to help you get more from every acre. Our flagship Optimize® product is a great example.

It’s based on rhizobia, which has been used in agriculture for centuries, but we’ve continuously and consistently improved on it. A first in the rhizobia market, Optimize® was launched with the patented LCO Promoter Technology to improve nitrogen fixation. By extra concentrating the product, we continued to lead innovation in the industry, providing the first lower use rate to the market for ease of application.

And most recently we’ve added a higher concentration of LCO and a second strain of rhizobia. We also focus on bringing the benefits of our products to new crops and new application methods, enhancing the delivery of our technology. Thanks to our commitment to innovation, half of our North American sales in 2025 will be of products that are three years old or less.

Leveraging a global footprint

From rice and tea in the Asia-Pacific region to peanuts and corn in the Americas, our products drive crop performance across the globe. We’re also present in Europe, with solutions for oilseed rape and a range of other crops.

Our globe-spanning solutions allow us to take learnings from every region, so we can tailor solutions to fit your geography. Optimize® is a great example. It’s available across North and South America and Europe and has been tailored to meet the regulatory and growing conditions of each region.

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Your partner for the future

More than a century ago, we created the biologicals business with our Nitragin® brand, which is still a market leader. Today, we’re part of the global Novozymes organization, with 6,700+ employees across 33 countries, and 700+ biosolutions serving 30+ industries.

So you know we’re here for you – today and tomorrow. And we never stop innovating to propel the biologicals business into the future.

Our latest innovations

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Enhance your integrated pest management program

Biologicals can help you control or suppress a broad range of soil and foliar diseases using a pollinator-safe treatment with no risk of developed resistance.


Boost stress tolerance and plant health

Biologicals work to expand root volume and enhance photosynthetic capacity. That boosts stress tolerance and plant health for significant yield increases. 

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