Let’s make your oat beverage the next best thing

We surveyed more than 500 American consumers to understand what they are looking for, claims that resonate with them and their willingness to pay extra for the right product. 

The answers can help you stand out in this crowded space. 

What do American consumers want from oat drinks?

To get the answer to this question, we surveyed more than 500 American oat milk drinkers. We also spoke to some consumers to better understand their needs and expectations. As well as finding out how often, how and where they consume oat milk, we uncovered which claims might make them choose one oat milk over another. And whether they might be willing to pay more for those claims. We’ve put all the answers together in a report that will help you give consumers what they want from oat drinks.


Wondering where to begin?

We can help.

With new oat drinks options popping up on supermarket shelves every day, finding how and where to begin can be overwhelming for an oat drink producer looking to grow their market share.

What sweetness and texture should your oat milk-alternative be? Should it just be one-size-fits-all kind of oat beverage? Or should you create an assortment of specialty oat drinks for different purposes? Is there a special food claim – for example ‘no added sugar/low sugar’ – that you’d like on your oat drink?

Novozymes biosolutions can help you achieve what you want – whether you already occupy the oat milk-alternatives space or are just planning your entry.


Graph below: The Oat drinks segment is growing at a steady pace

North America Select ingredients as a percentage of launch activity in plant-based drinks

A mildly sweet oat drink with a zero/low sugar claim

Two global food megatrends – plant-based and health-focused – come together in a perfect partnership through zero-added sugar oat beverages.

How can you make your oat drink mildly sweet without adding sugar/supplements?​

By innovating with Novozymes.

Many plant-based dairy brands are racing to create the healthiest and tastiest oat milk-alternative that they possibly can. Making a subtly-sweet oat drink without any sugar or sugar supplements is one way to achieve this.

Plant-based milks

Unlock the protein power

We asked consumers who said a high-protein claim would resonate with them whether they would be willing to pay more for this claim. 39% of oat drinkers told us they would pay more for a high-protein claim. Their willingness to pay represents a significant opportunity for oat milk producers.
Consumers are expecting a high protein content from their oat milk. But they’re also not willing to compromise on the sensory experience. Connect with these conscious consumers with a compelling product and positioning around high protein content.

Plant based trend pouring milk

Introducing our oat drink toolbox

BAN® - Plant protein
  • Available strengths (range): 480 KNU-B/g
  • Oat starch liquefaction: Yes
  • Viscosity of oat-based beverages: Low
  • Sweetness generation: Low
  • Working pH range*: 4.5-7.5
  • Working temperature range (°C)*: 30-90
  • Quality grade: Food grade
Fungamyl® - Plant protein
  • Available strengths (range): 800 FAU/g
  • Oat starch liquefaction: No
  • Viscosity of oat-based beverages: N/A
  • Sweetness generation: Mild
  • Working pH range*: 3.5-7
  • Working temperature range (°C)*: 25-65
  • Quality grade: Food grade
Amylase AG 300 L
  • Available strengths (range): 260 AGU/g
  • Oat starch liquefaction: No
  • Viscosity of oat-based beverages: N/A
  • Sweetness generation: High
  • Working pH range*: 3.5-6
  • Working temperature range (°C)*: 55-80
  • Quality grade: Food grade
  • Available strengths
  • Quality grade
  • Sweetness generation
  • Working pH range
  • Working temperature range
  • Sweetness generation
  • Suitable for organic products
  • Available strengths (range): 0,8-1,5 AU-N/g
  • Hydrolysis action: Less agressive
  • Generation of peptides or single amino acids: Peptides
  • Debittering: No
  • Savory flavor generation: Yes
  • Working pH range*: 6-9
  • Working temperature range (°C)*: 30-65
Formea® Sol for oats
  • Available strengths (range): 75000 PROT/g
  • Protein enhancement: Best in class
  • Working pH range: 6 - 7
  • Working temperature range (°C): 50 - 75
  • Releases protein

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