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Novozymes’ global graduate program

Application process
Our graduate positions are announced on an ongoing basis. We recommend you keep yourself updated on new positions by creating a Job Agent.

Application process

Application requirements

We will be looking for skilled and motivated applicants who are ready to join Novozymes from September 2023. Your application should be submitted in English.

Personal skills

  • A desire and passion to work in a world-leading company within biological solutions​
  • A creative growth mindset, who thrives on change and focuses on opportunities rather than challenges ​
  • A results-oriented and self-driven individual who inspires and excites others
  • A team player that takes pride in finding solutions with others​ by having ambitions for not only their own success but for the success of the entire team
  • A proactive mindset with an eagerness to learn, make an impact and volunteer oneself
Graduates listening to a mentor

Professional skills

  • A masters degree or a PhD with top academic achievements*
  • Maximum two years of additional work experience after university graduation
  • Be ready to re-locate for at least six months of your graduate journey
  • Relevant experience during your studies that demonstrates the ability to learn in new environments
  • Preferably some global experience from exchange semesters, working or volunteering
  • An international mindset and excellent communication skills
  • Fluency in English both orally and in writing

*In some regions, we might accept a bachelor degree or a bachelor degree in combination with an MBA. If this is the case, it will appear in the job ad. 

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Tips & tricks

At Novozymes, we believe in listening to experts and putting their expertise into practice. To help you, we have asked colleagues from our recruitment team to give you their best tips and tricks in writing a graduate application.

  • Read the job description carefully and familiarize yourself thoroughly with the job you are applying for
  • Your CV and cover letter should be simple and concise
  • Prioritize and only include the most important details about yourself and past work experience in your application
  • Emphasize why you specifically want to work in Novozymes and customize your application to the job you are applying for
  • Elaborate on how your educational background can be useful in your work and what competences you can bring to the table 
  • Familiarize yourself with Novozymes values and core business areas
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Questions & answers

Do I need a visa and/or a work permit in the county I apply for a graduate position in?

How will I get a visa for an international rotation?

Is the graduate program paid?

Am I responsible for residence during the program?

Am I guaranteed a position in Novozymes after the program?

What is relevant work experience in a biological industry?

Will I get an opportunity to choose my area of interests and rotations? 

How will I be evaluated during the rotations to know if I’m performing in the program? 

How many rotations will be included in the program and what will be my role in each rotation? 

When and where can I apply for the program? 

Can I apply for more than one position? 

What language am I expected to speak to apply to the program? 

What can I do if Covid-19 has prevented me from gaining any international experience? 

Can I still apply even though I’m not graduated yet? 

Can I still apply if I graduated a year or two ago? 

Am I assigned a mentor? 

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