Corporate governance at Novozymes

Corporate governance refers to the way a company is lead and controlled. Novozymes' values are consistent with the principles of good governance.

The Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team of Novozymes believe that corporate governance initiatives should be a constant process and address the principles of good corporate governance in an ongoing process with due consideration to current legislation, practice and recommendations. Such evaluation includes a review of the company’s business concept, business procedures, goals, organization, capital position, stakeholder relations, risks and the exercise of control.
This section describes corporate governance at Novozymes in relation to shareholder meetings, the board of directors, and Executive Leadership Team, as well as includes the statutory report on corporate governance.

Corporate governance compliance

Once a year the Board of Directors considers the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance’s recommendations for good corporate governance.
As required for a listed company on Nasdaq OMX Nordic under the rules for issuers of shares Novozymes issues a statement of compliance with the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance's recommendations using the "comply or explain"-principle. Novozymes’ position on the individual recommendations is described here.