Just like Pac-Man guzzled his way through enormous quantities of cheese in the legendary computer game, Novozymes’ new microorganisms in Novo SurfClean gobble up stubborn oil stains in the real world. And, luckily for both consumers and the environment, this happens easily and completely without the need for harsh chemicals.

SurfClean is particularly suitable for use in driveways, garages and petrol stations, which often have to contend with large oil stains that are difficult to remove because oil sinks deep into porous surfaces such as concrete and other hard surfaces.

Unique technology on an environmentally friendly platform

Novo SurfClean is based on a patented technology which is breaking new ground in the cleaning of cement and other hard surfaces.

"Our technology is in fact completely unique," says Lois Davis, marketing manager for Novozymes Biologicals. "Novo SurfClean cleans both the surface and deeper down in the concrete, and it is completely safe for those using it. You simply spray it on, scrub gently, then leave it, and Novo SurfClean does the rest. "

Novo SurfClean has been developed on the basis of specialised bacteria strains, which follow the oil down into the pores in the cement and gobble it up. Owners of restaurants, hotels, petrol tanks, shopping centres and similar have shown a great deal of interest in environmentally friendly cleaning products, as they have a positive impact on both the environment and occupational health and safety.

"Our technology is based on an environmentally friendly platform, so Novo SurfClean represents the way ahead for products to clean concrete and other hard surfaces," says Lois Davis.