Novozymes’ anti-corruption work, as evidenced among other things in the booklet “Bribery – no thanks!”, which contains guidelines for all employees, has won great recognition at a conference in Brussels in the form of an award for one of the fair’s most sought-after solutions.

The organisers of the conference, which attracted 450 participants from a vast range of international companies, decided for the second year in a row to present the numerous proposals in a 'marketplace' where solutions could be 'bought' and 'sold'.

The participants were given advance opportunity to view a catalogue of all 120 proposed solutions divided into 12 categories. They were then able to shop in the marketplace for the solutions that they needed or found exciting.


Photo: Pia Carlé Bayer (third from the right) receives the award


On the day there was a total of 2,321 'transactions', and Novozymes’ business integrity principles proved extremely popular, 'trading' so much that it received an award in the “communication and reporting” category.

Pia Carlé Bayer, head of Novozymes’ Sustainability Development Center, is delighted with the huge amount of attention that Novozymes received.

“Obviously it’s nice that other companies working with social responsibility find our proposals inspiring. But I am especially pleased with the openness that the participating companies are showing in terms of sharing their experiences – whether good or not so good. There is no doubt that all the participating companies are going home loaded with new ideas,” says Pia Carlé Bayer.