Novozymes has received the inaugural Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Award from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, a private non-profit organisation which promotes biotechnology research, business and education across the state.

According to the centre’s Senior Vice President, Ken Tindall, Novozymes was picked on the strength of its achievements in two categories: its development of enzymes which can cut the cost of producing ethanol from cellulose, and its biotechnology education programmes.

Major contribution to biofuel industry
In just five years Novozymes has managed to slash the cost of producing ethanol from cellulose, and Ken Tindall sees this feat as a major contribution to the fast-growing US biofuel industry.

Money for education and lab facilities
Equally impressive is Novozymes’ role when it comes to information and education in the biotechnological field. For example, Novozymes donated USD 250,000 to help build the first laboratory at the Vance Granville Community College in North Carolina, a provider of the acclaimed BioWork course. BioWork was developed by Novozymes in conjunction with the North Carolina Technology Center. And once the lab was built, Novozymes donated an additional USD 52,000 for laboratory apparatus designed and produced by Novozymes, including a stainless steel tank.

Thomas Nagy from Novozymes in Franklinton attended the award ceremony and was naturally delighted with this recognition of Novozymes’ efforts and achievements. “It’s especially gratifying to have this award reflect both our science and our community commitment,” says Thomas.