Yesterday evening, Novozymes was awarded a special prize for making an extra effort to promote the employees’ work/life balance.  

Birgitte Vinzentz Gade, Novozymes’ Danish HR manager, was the proud recipient of the special award at a ceremony at the Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen.

 I’m so happy that we got this award because the general well-being of our employees is something that we really focus on. At the end of the day, it’s in our common interest that the employee feels that there is a good balance between work life and leisure. Having contented employees means that Novozymes can continue to attract, develop and retain the best staff and at the same time, we know that our well-being is essential to creating results, says Birgitte V. Gade. One example of initiatives, which may improve the work/life balance for Novozymes employees, is the possibility of larger flexibility during periods of illness or when the employee’s children are small.

Novozymes already has a number of work/life balance tools to be used by both managers and staff. The challenge now is to become even better at using these tools and at understanding which factors contribute to a good work/life balance for each employee, says Birgitte V. Gade

In addition to Novozymes, Frøs Sparekasse and Microsoft were nominated for the work/life balance award.

Each year, more than 100 companies participate in the election and a total of ten Danish firms are nominated for special awards.