The mere words ‘detergent chemistry’ are enough to defeat most people, but eight articles on this very subject, written by a group of researchers at Novozymes, have recently been selected by the specialist journal Dansk Kemi as the best articles of the year for making the subject highly accessible.

The editorial committee’s citation said that the Novozymes researchers “have been able to communicate new knowledge in an interesting and exciting way, and that the series is helping to increase interest in natural sciences, and chemistry in particular, in Danish upper-secondary schools.”

Ture Damhus, the researcher in Novozymes’ Detergent Applications who was behind the articles, is pleased with the recognition.

“It’s an honour, and we are pleased to be recognised, particularly as it was the communicative aspect we were focussing on. We considered there was a lack of material on the subject for upper-secondary students, and it’s great to know that we seem to have succeeded in making a difference,” says Ture Damhus. He also thinks there is scope for Novozymes to provide information on other areas of biotech, e.g. bioethanol.

“After all, Novozymes wants to inspire and perhaps even help encourage young upper-secondary students to pursue a career in the natural sciences, so it makes sense for us to do more in this area,” he says.

The articles on detergent chemistry, which were all four pages in length, were published over a period of nine months and can be read here on Dansk Kemi’s website (in Danish only).