Stubborn clothing stains from the New Year festivities will be facing a tough time this year. This is because Novozymes is now giving detergent manufacturers around the world the opportunity to add the effective Mannaway enzyme to their detergent powder - to the benefit of consumers who have not been able to get rid of stains on their clothes from curry sauce, salad dressing and chocolate mousse.

Mannaway has proven particularly effective on stains containing guar gum, also known as mannan. This is used as a stabiliser in a wide range of foods such as ice cream and desserts, and as a thickener in ketchup, soups and dressings. Mannan is also used in a large number of personal care products such as toothpaste and shampoo.

“Over the years Novozymes’ enzymes have given us better and better detergents. With Mannaway we are taking another step and bringing the ability of detergents to remove stains to an even higher level. It is the stains that are the very worst to get rid of that Mannaway is now dealing with,” explains Kirsten Væver Jokumsen, launch manager at Novozymes.

Removing hidden dirt

Up to now mannan stains have been one of the biggest challenges for detergents. They are impossible to avoid because mannan is found in so many products, and prior to the Mannaway technology they were impossible to remove.

The problem comes about because, firstly, mannan binds itself very tightly to cotton and, secondly, the stain only appears to be gone after clothes have been washed. Usually you cannot see the stain, but mannan is still left on the clothes. Here it acts rather like glue, attracting dirt and making clothes look grey and dingy. But with the discovery of Mannaway it is possible to remove mannan sitting deep in clothes.

“A number of studies from independent European test institutes have shown that Mannaway not only removes the stain, but actually cleans deep into the fabric fibres. So if you use a detergent containing Mannaway, you will clearly be able to see a difference from products without Mannaway,” says Kirsten Væver Jokumsen.

In the first instance Mannaway will be sold in granulate form for detergent powder, however consumers will be able to purchase Mannaway in liquid form within the next 1-2 years.