The prime minister is currently visiting Argentina and Brazil in view of developing relations with these two countries and of marketing Denmark. Among other things, Mr. Fogh visits companies and participates in networking events together with senior Danish, Argentine, and Brazilian business executives.

A good opportunity

During the visit, Novozymes’s site manager in Brazil, Victor Barbosa, has had the opportunity to present Novozymes Brazil to the prime minister and the other delegates. Mr. Barbosa talked about Novozymes in general and about biofuels and Novozymes’s part in the development of this energy type in particular.

“It was a great opportunity to meet the Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. I told him about Novozymes in Brazil and he was really interested in hearing how a Danish company like Novozymes has done in a foreign country,” says Mr. Barbosa.

Novozymes in Brazil

Novozymes has been represented in Brazil since 1975. In the beginning, there was only a sales office with five to ten staff but as Novozymes grew bigger, the Brazilian organization also expanded and today, Novozymes has about 160 employees in Brazil.

Novozymes’s main activity in Brazil is the production of enzymes but the organization also includes sales and marketing functions.