Earlier this month, Minister for the Environment Connie Hedegaard announced in an action plan for the promotion of environmentally effective technology that the Ministry of the Environment will support five partnerships whose goal is to ensure Denmark’s continued leading role within environmental technology. As a result of this commitment, DKK 200 million have been earmarked for the further development of biofuels.

To Novozymes, this means that the cooperation with Dong Energy, which was initiated about six months ago, has come one step closer its realization.

”This action plan supports our initiatives and we are very interested in having a close dialogue with the Minister for the Environment about the best possible ways to promote the development of 2nd generation biofuels for the benefit of the environment and the future energy supply,” says Poul Ruben Andersen, marketing director for fuel ethanol and starch in Novozymes.

Novozymes expects that in the course of the next four to five years, 2nd generation bioethanol will be so far developed that it is commercially sustainable.