Novozymes’ tagline Unlocking the magic of nature has been a faithful companion to the Novozymes logo ever since the company was created seven years ago. But now Novozymes is changing its tagline, its logo, and its graphic identity to better express what the company can do and what it stands for.

The new tagline, Rethink Tomorrow, is intended to signal the way that Novozymes provides the solutions that customers and society in general will need tomorrow, and to make them more appealing to customers, partners, and opinion-makers.

One idea behind the new brand is to help Novozymes open the eyes of the world to bioinnovation, that is: Everything Novozymes makes in all of its various areas of business – enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients.

The new brand will be launched on Novozymes’ websites and publications over the coming months.