”We are very pleased that, for the seventh year in a row, we are a leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and that we are once again placed as number one among biotechnology companies,” says Claus Frier from Sustainability Development Center. "What is so special about this rating list is that it’s an evaluation of whether companies are capable of handling the challenges in a sustainable development. Furthermore, it is a recommendation to new investors. It is very satisfying that other people also think that what we do it right.”

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes
The DJSI indexes are used by asset managers in 14 countries as reliable and objective benchmarks to manage sustainability portfolios.

To be included in the DJSI World Index, a company is evaluated in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria against the top 10% of the biggest 2,500 companies in the Dow Jones World Index.

The annual review by the DJSI family is based on an assessment of corporate economic, environmental and social performance, and examines if companies are both profitable and well-managed on issues such as corporate governance, employee development, climate change, supply chain standards and labour practices.

The results form the basis for ranking 326 companies in the global index (World) and 161companies in the European index (STOXX). Novozymes was compared this year to 20 other biotech companies. Of the group of 21 that were evaluated, only two other biotech companies in addition to Novozymes were included in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index this year.