By signing the statement Novozymes commits to seriously taking action to help provide solutions with regard to climate change. To Novozymes it is also an opportunity to demonstrate climate change leadership on both the individual and collective levels due to the potentials of enzyme technology.

The goal of the statement is to address issues connected with climate change. It requires urgent and extensive action on the part of governments, businesses and citizens if the risk of serious damage to global prosperity and security is to be avoided.

To Novozymes the commitment means to take practical action to increase efficiency of energy usage and to help reduce CO2 emissions. Also, it involves working with other enterprises nationally and within specific sectors, by setting standards and taking joint initiatives aimed at reducing climate risks, assisting with adaptation to climate change and enhancing climate-related opportunities.

Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact is the largest sustainability initiative in the world, with more than 3,000 companies as signatories. It is based on 10 universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anticorruption. The goal of Global Compact is to promote responsible corporate citizenship so that businesses can be part of the solution to the challenges of globalization.

Novozymes signed the Global Compact back in 2002, and the commitment is an integrated part of Novozymes’ company values “The Novozymes Touch”.

Once a year, Novozymes communicates our progress in further integrating the Global Compact principles into our way of doing business.