has chosen Novozymes for its 2007 Sustainable Business 20 (SB20) List “The World’s Top Sustainable Stocks: Companies Changing the World for the Better."

Novozymes is cited within the category “Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy”. In their citation the experts emphasize that Novozymes is reducing energy consumption and use of toxic substances in many different industries all over the world with the help of enzymes, which are described as the key to industrial efficiency and the use of bioethanol.

“We are delighted to be recognized for our contribution to sustainable and bioinnovative solutions,” says Claus Stig Pedersen from Novozymes’ Sustainability Development Center.

The SB20 List consists of two overlapping categories of companies: those with products that are important for enabling society to become more sustainable; and those that regard sustainable development as an important part of their business. Novozymes is listed in both categories.

Every year publishes its SB20 List of the 20 most innovative companies in the world that contribute significantly to creating an environmentally sustainable society. The aim of the list is to help media and investors identify leading companies and show what is required of companies for classification as sustainable.

In order to be included in the list companies must be strong within both sustainability and finance.