In future the students at CBS can arrange to meet in the Novozymes Lounge at CBS to discuss assignments or just for a cosy chat between lectures. The lounge is part of a partnership between Novozymes and CBS that began on October 9. The aim of the partnership is to create closer co-operation between the business world and the education & research environment.

Knowledge sharing and knowledge development in focus
The co-operation is a step away from the traditional sharp distinction between business and education & research. “There can be little doubt that if Danish companies are to do well in a globalized world, we must co-operate with educational institutions and public researchers,” says Benny D. Loft, Executive Vice President at Novozymes.

According to Benny D. Loft, the partnership is an extension of many years of co-operation between Novozymes and CBS. “We want to make contact with students within finance, marketing, and human resources as well as lecturers and professors at CBS in order to ensure that we're challenged and get access to the latest knowledge of some of the most skilled people in Denmark. Today Novozymes is a strong global company because we continuously rethink the traditional ways of working and co-operating.”

As part of the partnership Novozymes will, among other things, give guest lectures, set project and examination papers for the students, and support research projects at CBS.

“With Novozymes’ furnishing of the lounge we've gone a step further compared with the partnerships that we've had with business over a number of years. For us it's essential that both our corporate partners and the students benefit from the partnership, and the lounge will make Novozymes a natural part of the students’ everyday life,” says Jette Ryttergaard, Director CBS Corporate Relations.

Students meet up in the Novozymes Lounge
One of the more visible elements of the partnership is the Novozymes Lounge, which Novozymes has sponsored and furnished for the students with Philippe Starck chairs, computer hook-ups and a Novozymes-style design. The lounge brands Novozymes to the students, and it is employer branding and recruiting among students and newly qualified professionals that will be vital in future for Novozymes to be able to attract and recruit the right employees and ensure that the company has the right competencies to remain the leader in bioinnovation.

“We're delighted that we've been given the opportunity to furnish the lounge. The style reflects Novozymes' use of uncommon connections and rethinking of the traditional co-operation between business and the education & research environment. I feel that through this CBS is setting a new standard for what can be done in a partnership,” says Benny D. Loft.

The partnership began on Tuesday, October 9 in the Novozymes Lounge at CBS, where students, researchers and lecturers were invited to listen to a series of speakers, including Dean Allan Irwin and Professor Peter Neergaard from CBS and Executive Vice President Benny D. Loft from Novozymes.