Once the rules have been fully implemented, this will mean that all enzymes for foods must undergo a safety assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and be accepted into a positive list in order to be permitted for use in foods.


For Novozymes this will not mean major changes in terms of the actual safety assessment of the enzymes. For many years there have been rules in this area both in Denmark and in France, and all our food enzymes for the European market have been approved according to these rules. However, it will be beneficial that applications for approval of new enzymes only need to be sent to one place and that approvals will apply for the whole European market.


More generally, it will also be beneficial for the industry that the marketing of food enzymes will be carried out on an equal basis for everyone.


For consumers this will mean greater confidence that they can count on all food enzymes having undergone a safety assessment, and that the assessment will be carried out using an open and transparent system.


It is expected that the rules will be finally adopted next year following final processing in the EU Parliament.