As ever, the reporting universe contains Novozymes’ financial statements, articles about the year’s most important events, and ‘My Report’ functionality allowing readers to put together their own personalized report.

New this year is regular updating of Novozymes’ reporting. Updates will normally take place periodically in connection with the publication of quarterly reports. Novozymes is one of the first companies to introduce regularly updated reporting, if not the very first.

Report updates in 2008: a new issue each quarter
The idea is to take an in-depth look at a relevant issue every time Novozymes publishes a quarterly report. This might be to follow up the annual report, or a brand new topic of relevance to Novozymes’ reporting.

We will attempt to explain in greater detail the exciting challenges and dilemmas that we face and can look forward to. Readers will also be able to learn about our stance on a given issue, and how important we believe it to be for our future performance.

Where possible – and relevant – we will also try to involve some of our business partners and other stakeholders in expanding and developing these issues each quarter. This might, for example, mean interviews and debate with key players in the field.

The first issue: human rights
This year it is 60 years since most of the world’s nations agreed on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Respect for human rights is very important to Novozymes and is an integral part of our core values – but what does it mean?

We will be turning the spotlight onto Novozymes’ approach to human rights as our first issue, which will be launched together with our first-quarter financial statement on 24 April 2008.

Following up The Novozymes Report 2007 – throughout 2008
We will also be putting stock exchange announcements, podcasts of conference calls, and other valuable information on this page throughout 2008, so bringing all material relevant to Novozymes’ reporting together in one place.

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