The Lund facility is a cGMP plant for development and production of Novozymes’ biopharmaceutical product range. At the same time it services the biotechnology industry with contract process development and manufacturing services.

For contract services, Novozymes Biopharma in Lund participates at many points along the biopharmaceutical value chain: as an early development partner for the production of pre-clinical and clinical material all the way through to large-scale commercial manufacture of active ingredients.

The refurbishment of the Novozymes Lund facility involves a complete factory refit to double capacity. Also included is an upgrade of quality systems, materials handling improvements and a new automation system that together secure cGMP compliance into the future.

cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) is the quality standard required by regulatory authorities for the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices across most of the world.

Novozymes in Lund
Novozymes has had cGMP biopharmaceutical manufacturing capability since 2002, when the the company acquired the Swedish company BioGaia Fermentation. Today, the Lund facility employs 85 people, most of whom are involved in cGMP protein production.

Novozymes in Lund is part of the business unit called Novozymes Biopharma, which also has departments in Australia and the UK.

Novozymes’ biopharmaceutical product range consists of recombinant proteins which Novozymes sells to the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry has long used proteins that could only be found in the blood and organs of humans and animals. Novozymes has developed recombinant proteins as non-animal-derived alternatives that remove the risk of disease transfer from animals to humans or from humans to humans.