Freshness is a key factor for pre-packed cakes. Consumers want cakes that are fresh, moist and soft. Novozymes’ has the enzymes that make the cakes stay fresh but needed a partner to commercialize them.

An obvious partner

Puratos develops and produces ingredients for the cake, bread and chocolate sector and they were an obvious choice for a partnership. Based on Novozymes’ enzymes, Puratos has optimized synergies between the enzyme and the other ingredients. Puratos also knows the cake market very well as one of the leading cake ingredient providers.

“We have the technology, but we needed partners to bring them to market in a fast manner,” explains Thomas Erik Nilsson, Global Launch Manager, Cereal Food and Beverages, Novozymes.

“Puratos is an exceptionally good partner because they are organized, committed, they have resources, and they are focused on innovation for their business. That makes it easy for them to use our technology to make their own marketing concepts better. They are very successful in applying our state-of-the-art technology to rethink their business. We’d love more partners like this!”

Keeps the crumb soft

Novozymes’ enzyme technology ensures fresher, higher-quality cakes over time by keeping the crumb more cohesive and soft. Conventional amylases in bread and cakes break down the starch molecules, typically causing a gummy, non-elastic and sticky crumb. Novozymes’ enzyme technology effectively slows down this process. Puratos optimizes synergies between enzymes and other ingredients (such as emulsifiers) to offer total cake freshness.

This is the first time that Novozymes has developed a technology specifically for cakes.