When holiday time comes round, there are those who just laze around. And there are those who set their brains to learning something new.

“We are taking part in the Biotech Academy Camp, which brings together motivated upper-secondary pupils from around the country. From October 12 to 18 the Technical University of Denmark will be the base for the camp, where the pupils will be working with biotechnology in all its aspects,” says Julie Serritslev, Student Assistant at Novozymes and head of the organization behind the camp, Biotech Academy.


Biotech Academy is a new teaching concept in biotechnology research for upper-secondary and college pupils organized by the Technical University of Denmark in partnership with a number of Danish companies.

Bacteria on the timetable
Purely in terms of subject matter, there is a common thread running through the Biotech Academy Camp.

“Fermentation and bacteria are the spine of the entire course. The pupils will conduct lots of experiments, and they will be split into teams and given different tasks,” says Julie Serritslev.

The fact that bacteria and fermentation are the focal points is no coincidence. As well as Novozymes, both Carlsberg and Novo Nordisk are helping to run the Biotech Academy Camp, and all three of these companies use fermentation processes in their production.

Researchers from Novozymes as tutors
Novozymes is providing researchers, who will act as tutors for one day.

“The pupils will visit us for a whole day, and we will be providing a strong team of tutors from the research department. The teaching will be carried out in our laboratories and will include both theory and practice,” says Julie Serritslev.


In addition to the academic content, the Biotech Academy Camp will also offer a range of social activities.

Novozymes in full support
Novozymes is donating DKK 120,000 for the Biotech Academy Camp. Previously Novozymes gave a million-kroner sponsorship to enable all the country’s upper-secondary schools to borrow professional equipment free of charge to carry out biotechnology experiments.

Per Falholt, Novozymes’ Executive Vice President and CSO, is the driving force behind the support:


“Novozymes is supporting the Biotech Academy Camp because we want to strike a blow for young people getting interested in science – and preferably biotechnology,” says Per Falholt. “Biotech Academy is a very important initiator and information source for the possibilities that exist within biotechnology. Denmark is the world leader in this area, and Biotech Academy is helping to set the agenda here in Denmark. This means that a lot of young people are receiving important information and forming really good networks, and in this way they are establishing a good forum between upper-secondary schools, universities, and companies in Denmark.


You can find out more about the camp at: http://www.biotechacademy.dk/camp.aspx