Potential areas of mutual interest between Novozymes and Mozambique include bioagricultural methods using microorganisms to reduce use of pesticides and fertilizers, and development of ethanol production for domestic use using enzymatic processes.

”As world leader in bioinnovation and as a company focusing on sustainability, Novozymes is aware of the many opportunities in Africa, and we would very much like to contribute to these in a sustainable way,” says CEO Steen Riisgaard.

Great potential in biofuel
For developing countries, biofuel offers many opportunities. Stimulation of agriculture, economic development, creation of jobs, improved security in terms of energy and self sufficiency are among the many advantages.

Novozymes is in dialogue with many decision-makers and stakeholders in developing countries, including African countries such as Mozambique.

“We see Mozambique as one of the countries with the best conditions. They have available farm land, ideal weather and they have a government that is looking at the possibilities of sustainable biofuels in a constructive way,” says Steen Riisgaard.

Official visit
The president’s visit to Novozymes is part of an official visit by the Mozambique delegation, the first of its kind in many years. During his visit to Denmark, President Guebuza will visit the Danish Queen, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and several companies, among them Novozymes.