Today, vaccines against cat allergy are only available as injections produced on naturally occurring cat allergen. In ALK’s future tablet-based vaccine against cat allergy, the novel recombinant cat allergen is intended to take the function of the current animal-derived protein. Recombinant allergens are produced by microorganisms instead of, for example, proteins from animals, which makes the production easier to standardize and scale up.

Novozymes is to develop a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) microbial production-based process to manufacture a recombinant allergen (protein) to be used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) by ALK in its future tablet-based vaccine against cat allergy. ALK is responsible for preclinical and clinical development and for commercialization.

Senior Director at Novozymes Svend Erik Licht says: “It will take several years before the final product may reach the market, but we think that the potential product is exciting and very useful to many allergy sufferers. The agreement also illustrates our portfolio of opportunities for doing business with biopharmaceutical companies.”

Right after house dust mite allergy, cat is the most widespread indoor allergy in Europe and the US, where around 50 million people are allergic to cats.

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