Five speakers and 60 hand-picked participants listened carefully to Novozymes’ vice president Anna Lise Mortensen Grandjean speak at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston on March 18, when she presented a theoretical model that could be used to manage development towards a more sustainable society globally.

Facilitator and organizer for the workshop was the well-known author and Senior Lecturer at MIT, Otto Scharmer (“Theory U”). He invited Anna Lise to present a theoretical model that she has developed over the past year, and which defines four “efforts” that might start a new societal development towards sustainability. Especially the transformation of companies are a key focus of the model, which also covers consumers, retailers, governments and regulatory authorities.


Other speakers at the workshop included representatives from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc and Seven Generation Inc, both companies whose business model and brand are inextricably woven with the trend towards sustainability, and in this way are similar to Novozymes.

“The participants at MIT loved what Novozymes does, how we try to weave sustainability into our customers’ products, our support to customers, and throughout our entire supply chain,” said Anna Lise.

For Novozymes, the workshop and Anne Lise’s model are part of efforts to fulfil Novozymes’ vision to ensure the right balance between better business, cleaner environment, and better lives.