Today, Novozymes is formally opening two additional buildings in Davis, CA, with an inauguration ceremony on site. The ceremony will be attended by approximately 150 guests, including Don Saylor, the Mayor Pro Tem of Davis.

The site in Davis is part of Novozymes’ global research efforts. Besides a broad focus on exploring new innovative enzymes, the specific focus at the Davis site is currently on further development of the enzymes necessary for commercial production of cellulosic ethanol. The development is firmly on track and Novozymes will launch the enzymes in 2010. The new buildings are essential because Novozymes in Davis has grown tremendously in recent years, nearly doubling in size since 2005.

“Novozymes is investing heavily in the development of cellulosic ethanol. We have grown a lot in the past years and therefore need more space, both in terms of lab space and office space,” says Ejner Bech Jensen, President of Novozymes, Inc. in Davis. “With the addition of these new buildings we now have room to grow even further if that is required.”

The new buildings add approximately 25,000 square feet of laboratory and office space, expanding the four-building campus to approximately 60,000 square feet. The additional buildings were constructed in accordance with the City of Davis Green Building Ordinance and imply savings in the long term as Novozymes is investing in technology that saves energy and benefits the environment.