An amended agreement with HGS provides the necessary platform for Novozymes Biopharma to commercially exploit albufuse®, albumin fusion technology, in line with its business strategy. albufuse® is the term to describe the molecular fusion of albumin to protein drug candidates, a process resulting in significantly greater circulatory half-life and bioavailability. This technology may give a number of key patient benefits such as less frequent dosage or fewer side effects from injections.

Making more with less
The amended license agreement will help HGS and Novozymes build an even stronger relationship.

According to Thomas Videbæk, Executive Vice President of Novozymes BioBusiness, “Novozymes’ cooperation with HGS is a great example of the company helping an industry make more with less through the use of advanced biotechnology.”

“Novozymes’ strength lies in the fact that we enable the pharmaceutical industry to continuously improve its processes, productivity, and products. This makes Novozymes an ideal partner for the pharmaceutical industry and, together with HGS, we will continue to develop albufuse®.”