Faced with the task of selecting the best CSR report in a strong field in which the other nominees were SAS, Danisco, Grundfos, and Novo Nordisk, judges from the Danish financial daily Børsen and the Danish Institute of State Authorized Public Accountants (FSR) were impressed by the relevance, openness and integration of sustainability in the Novozymes Report.

The judging committee noted the high level of engagement displayed by the management of Novozymes. With Novozymes’ ambition to “Change the world together with our customers,” they could see that the company manifests a close correlation between sustainable development and the actual products.

Christian IV’s old stock exchange in Copenhagen provided the setting yesterday for the presentation of the 15th annual prize for the best CSR report, with Benny Loft, Executive Vice President and CFO, and Kirsten Laugesen, Corporate News Manager, accepting the prize on behalf of Novozymes.

Relevance over volume
“We are extremely proud to have received this prize,” says Benny Loft. “At Novozymes we have been reporting our financial, social, and environmental performance for more than 10 years. I see the prize as recognition of our ongoing work to integrate sustainability in our business and in our reporting.”

Among other things, the citation for the prize read at the ceremony praised the clear structure of the annual report, and the fact that the CSR reporting is well integrated and the web-based reporting works perfectly. In fact, Novozymes also took third place in Børsen’s survey to establish which website readers know best and feel has best handled the challenges inherent in providing information, user-friendliness, and design.

“We have quite deliberately strived toward a web-based annual report that is designed to be structured, simple and strategic. We are keen to live up to the expectations our stakeholders have of an annual report, making the material clear and well-arranged,” explains Kirsten Laugesen, who was the project manager for the annual report.

Fulfilling the requirements for relevant and clear information for the company’s stakeholder groups was precisely what the evaluation process focused on. Kirsten Laugesen explains that it was first and foremost players on the financial markets as well as public authorities and NGOs that Novozymes had in mind when compiling the report.

“We are proud that we have been able to take integrated reporting a step further this year. This is the result of close collaboration among a large number of colleagues and their high level of ambition to make the Novozymes Report challenging both in terms of design and content,” she finishes.