Novozyme’s Alliance Manager Peter Christensen says, “By adding phytase to the animal feed the animals can better absorb phosphate, which they need for growth. At the same time the release of phosphate from the manure into the environment is reduced.”

Through a targeted research effort, Novozymes and DSM have developed RONOZYME®NP with a focus on better product characteristics, such as the increased release of phosphorus from the feed and better thermal stability. This means reduced feed costs for the individual farmer and at the same time a positive development with regard to agriculture’s effect on the environment.

Novozymes’ Alliance Manager Peter Christensen says, “In numerous customer trials we have seen RONOZYME®NP deliver a considerably improved use of phosphorus, and in addition to this the product lives up to demands of product safety, quality, traceability, and reliability so that we can continue to fulfill and exceed our customers’ demands and needs.”

Sales campaign in Europe
The alliance between Novozymes and DSM Nutritional Products has existed since 2000, and the launch of RONOZYME®NP shows that the alliance is strongly positioned to develop innovative enzymes for the feed industry.

A major sales drive is currently taking place in Denmark in connection with the launch. More than 100 customers will be gathered in Kalundborg, where they will enjoy a tour of the Novozymes factory and be introduced to the product.

“Novozymes is the world’s leader in industrial enzymes. Enzymes are nature’s own problem solvers, and enzyme technology can typically both increase the effectiveness and improve the environmental footprint,” says Peter Christensen.

He continues: “Innovation is the pivot point because the world is constantly changing and the technological boundaries are shifting all the time. The vision for the alliance between Novozymes and DSM is to develop innovative enzymes for the feed industry to the benefit of industry, agriculture, and the environment. We have shown before that we can do this, and we will continue to focus on taking advantage of the strengths of our two companies --- RONOZYME®NP is a good example of this.