Copenhagen will host The United Nations Climate Change Conference on December 7-18. The conference will be decisive concerning the solutions that world leaders will choose to meet climate challenges.

Why is Novozymes participating in COP15?
”For many years, we have made the point again and again that our biotechnological solutions are sustainable and beneficial for the environment,” says Nickie Spile, Vice President at Novozymes. “Researchers and other experts around the world agree, and recently the WWF issued a report saying that industrial biotechnology can save the world up to 2.5 billion tons of CO2 per year.

“We are engaged in the climate change conference because we want to make political leaders and other decision-makers of the world aware of biotechnology as a route to reduce climate change,”

Around the world, leading scientists agree that we cannot wait for new technologies to be invented. We have to start right away and use existing technologies as well as continue to develop new technologies. Biotechnology is right in our own backyard, it’s ready and it’s working.

“It’s so obvious,” says Nickie Spile. “Of course biotechnology should be one of the mitigating technologies in a new ambitious climate agreement.”