Novozymes has received the Environmental Tracking Carbon Verification Leaders Award, which recognizes companies that document and verify their greenhouse gas emissions.

The award comes from the London-based Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), an independent nonprofit research organization promoting ecological and ethical investment systems.

Standardized and externally verified figures
“We see the ET index as yet another sign of the growing importance of combining better business, cleaner environment, and better lives, which is Novozymes’ vision,” says Claus Stig Pedersen, responsible for Novozymes’ global Sustainability Development. “It’s good to receive recognition for the fact that the external audit covers not only the company’s financial data but its social and environmental data too.”

Novozymes was ranked in the top 1% by the ET Carbon Ranking Methodology and was one of only seven organizations in the world whose reported emission figures for greenhouse gases were fully accepted, because Novozymes’ figures are externally verified and fulfill a standard accepted by the EIO.

Claus Stig Pedersen continues: “It’s important for Novozymes to be able to position enzyme technology as part of the solution to addressing climate change. Accordingly, Novozymes has a target linking sales of enzymes to the corresponding reduction in customers’ CO2 emissions. In 2009 the reductions were estimated to be 27 million tons.”

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An initiative to incentivize reduction of global carbon emissions
The EIO has conducted a survey of the world’s 1,100 largest companies, looking both at reported greenhouse gas emissions and the verification of this information.

Novozymes is at the top of the ET Global Carbon Rankings, launched by the EIO on February 22 in London.

“We’re very pleased to see that Novozymes leads the world by example and has taken the necessary steps to disclose and verify its emissions to such a high standard.  We sincerely hope to see more companies across the world reaching this standard in the very near future,” said EIO Chairman Michael Gill.

In an effort to incentivize companies to reduce emissions, the not-for-profit organization EIO has launched a series of Environmental Tracking indexes designed to link share price to absolute greenhouse gas emissions. Read more about EIO at