Novozymes strives to make special efforts to ensure employee satisfaction and motivation because the company knows this will pay off long after the financial crisis has blown over. This effort was recognized today, when Novozymes achieved a ranking as number 4 in Switzerland by the Great Place to Work Institute.

"I'm very pleased with the recognition that we're among the best companies to work for in Switzerland, particularly when our company is making significant changes to position ourselves for growth in the future," says Patrick G. Patterson, the acting Managing Director of Novozymes in Switzerland. 

The opinion of employees is of vital importance
"We get our results through our personal commitments to one another," Patrick G. Patterson continues. "We take the feedback from our employees very seriously to ensure we're creating the best working environment, which then translates into satisfied customers."

Novozymes has worked in a focused way over several years to improve leadership skills, boost global employee engagement, simplify work processes, and develop the company's increasingly international and network-based culture.

Patrick G. Patterson explains that the real essence of a company can be seen most clearly in tough times: "Novozymes seeks to be the leading company in our field, delivering the best products and services to our customers, and at the same time taking excellent care of our people. We really do live up to our motto of 'rethinking tomorrow' which means there's a lot of change that requires employees to be proactive. I think most people here support the company's culture and work with sustainability with all their hearts."

About Novozymes
With over 700 products used in 130 countries, Novozymes' bioinnovations improve industrial performance and safeguard the world's resources by offering superior and sustainable solutions for tomorrow's ever-changing marketplace. Currently Novozymes has 65 employees in Dittingen, and this number is growing.

About the Great Place to Work Institute
Every year, the research organization Great Place to Work Institute ranks the companies that wish to participate. The ranking is based on a methodology widely adopted in 41 countries. In Switzerland, the institute has a partnership with the magazines Handelszeitung and PME Magazine.  Read more at