The National Renewable Energy Action Plans are crucial for the roll-out of advanced biofuels & the realisation of Europe’s sustainability goals.

Novozymes welcomes the submission of the National Renewable Action Plans as a crucial step in the deployment of advanced biofuels across Europe. These plans will demonstrate the level of commitment by each of the 27 Member States to realising the EU’s renewable objectives and how they plan to achieve them by 2020 including their approach to advanced biofuels.

Relying on agricultural and forestry residues and waste as feedstock, advanced biofuels can spur rural growth, promote job creation, increase energy security and save up to 90% CO2 emission.

“Technology for advanced biofuels exists, but the sector needs clear political signals in the shape of incentives at national level to start investments and production in Europe. Novozymes hopes that the National Renewable Action Plans include these incentives,” says Lars Christian Hansen, Novozymes President for Europe.

“We look forward to working in Europe with the Commission, the European Parliament and national governments on the creation of solid framework conditions for the development of advanced biofuels.”