Claus Stig Pedersen, Head of Sustainability at Novozymes, commented on the award: “We are proud to be recognized for our integrated reporting. We keep challenging ourselves in the way we communicate our results and ambitions within sustainability, and we appreciate the recognition. "The integration can be challenging as it requires that you work across the different professional fields in the company. However, we have done integrated reporting for 10 years, and this is the ideal way for Novozymes to report as it reflects how we do business.”

The grounds given by FSR were that it is a well-structured report, interesting to read, and gives the reader an impression of a trustworthy and transparent company. The judges also found that the report is substantial, and that sustainability is incorporated in a way that makes sense.

An expert panel of highly qualified certified public accountants and consultants with strong knowledge of CSR and CSR reporting selected the nominees. The nominees were then judged by an independent panel of business representatives, business organizations, educational institutions, and government authorities. This year, three awards were given based on company size, and one special award was given for the best CO2 accounting.

Strong link between improving business and environment
Novozymes’ ambition is to change the world together with our customers. The link between focusing on sustainable development and growing the business is quite strong. Novozymes’ solutions can help companies reduce their environmental impact, for example through savings on energy and raw materials. One of Novozymes’ long-term targets is to enable a 75-million-ton reduction in CO2 emissions per year through our customers’ use of our products.