Replacing chemicals with enzymes
At Unilever’s global event "Partner to Win" in London this week, Novozymes was recognized for playing a key role in the success of Unilever’s laundry business in launching more sustainable detergent powder and liquid formulations replacing chemicals with enzymes. The joint project Young@Heart has been a breakthrough in replacing chemicals with enzymes, resulting in new consumer products with benefits appreciated by end-users.
“For Novozymes, this is an important recognition of the value of our investment in innovation,” explains Henrik Meyer, Vice President for Marketing at Novozymes. “Novozymes wants to change the world together with our customers – and this is one way of doing it. Many of the traditional detergent ingredients are based on nonrenewable resources such as phosphate and petrochemicals. Replacing these ingredients with enzymes improves the sustainability of the products.”
Novozymes’ enzymes are used in detergents to boost performance, and they play an increasing role in replacing conventional chemicals in detergent formulations. Enzymes in detergents  allow consumers to turn down the wash temperature while maintaining the same wash performance, saving energy, and reducing CO2 emissions.
In 2010 alone, the worldwide application of Novozymes’ products enabled reductions in CO2 emissions of approximately 40 million tons.
Reducing environmental impact
As one of Unilever’s key strategic suppliers, Novozymes is important for Unilever’s vision to double the size of its company whilr reducing the overall environmental impact.  
Pier Luigi Sigismondi, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Unilever, comments: “This event presented us with a fantastic opportunity to recognize some outstanding examples of true excellence in our suppliers, who are leaders within their fields. We are thrilled to award Novozymes the Winning Through Innovation Award for their commitment to working with Unilever to grow our business in a mutually beneficial and sustainable way.”