​At an award ceremony today at Abengoa’s headquarters in Seville, Spain, Novozymes – the world leader in bioinnovation and industrial enzymes – became the first-ever recipient of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation Sustainable Business Award. 

Teresa Ribera, the Spanish Secretary of State for Climate Change, presided over the presentation ceremony, accompanied by José B. Terceiro, President of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation and Vice Chairman of Abengoa. 

”Every company that supplies goods or services to Abengoa signs a code of social responsibility in which they agree to comply with all the social and environmental aspects contained in the United Nation’s Global Compact,” says José B. Terceiro.  “Our work would not be possible without the active involvement of all of the companies in our supply chain, which have adopted this challenge and have promoted it in their respective organizations. We therefore decided to create the Focus-Abengoa Sustainable Business Award to recognize our suppliers’ efforts.”

Documenting the carbon footprint

Abengoa is an EUR 5.6 billion Spanish-based international corporation with main activities in energy and the environment. Novozymes has been supplying Abengoa with enzymes since 2001, when its first biofuel plants started up. Novozymes won the Sustainable Business Award in the Large Company category for its life cycle studies, which include the supply of enzymes for the production of biofuel, technical support for their application, and details about the carbon footprint of the enzymes supplied to Abengoa.

“We're very honored to receive the award,” says Lars Christian Hansen, Novozymes President for Region Europe. “Not only is Abengoa a long-term partner of Novozymes. They are also true leaders in their field, and this contest sends a strong statement to the global community that sustainability development is important for the business agenda globally.”

The Sustainable Business Awards, created in November 2010, aim to publicly recognize Abengoa's suppliers that are committed to sustainable development and combating climate change.

For more information about the award, please visit sustainability.abengoa.com.