Phosphate is the building block and fuel of all living cells in plants and animals. Like oil, it is a limited resource concentrated in very few countries, but unlike oil, there are no substitutes.
Around 80% of the phosphate in animal feed is in a form that is unavailable to the animal and is therefore wasted in manure. The phosphate in manure washes into groundwater and downstream waterways, causing algal blooms and reducing oxygen in the water, harming marine life. It is a growing problem in many countries.

At the same time, global demand for phosphate is rising, with growing populations increasing the need to boost agricultural production. For example, with its booming agricultural industry, Brazil is currently importing more than half the phosphate it needs for animal feed and fertilizer, and other Latin American countries import an even higher proportion.
Addressing all these issues, Novozymes ‒ the world’s leading producer of industrial enzymes ‒ and DSM Nutritional Products are today launching in Latin America a new phytase product for animal feed, RONOZYME® HiPhos, which for the first time enables the replacement of all feed phosphate additives in swine and poultry diets, and significantly reduces the phosphate waste in manure.
“We need to start using our global phosphate resources far more efficiently, reduce the massive waste, and design a new agricultural industry that recycles the phosphate we have to ensure lasting resources for future generations,” says Thomas Videbæk, Novozymes Executive Vice President, BioBusiness, in a speech about the global phosphate challenge given today at the annual Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference, being held this year in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

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Most efficient phytase
“We believe RONOZYME HiPhos sets new standards for phosphorus uptake and is the most efficient phytase product in a highly competitive market with many players and products. As such, it represents a new era of phytase products,” says Sebastian Søderberg, Novozymes’ Business Development and Marketing Director for Animal Feed.
“The largest enzyme application globally for animal feed is phytase, and this new product is a sign of Novozymes’ commitment to innovation in the animal feed market,” he adds.

Global launch
RONOZYME HiPhos is expected to receive regulatory approval throughout Latin America by the end of 2011 and will be rolled out globally in North America, Europe, China, and other markets in Asia over the next few years.

The product has been developed by Novozymes and DSM Nutritional Products, which for over 10 years have pooled their expertise to develop a wide range of feed enzyme products for sustainable feeding. Novozymes provides its know-how and experience of enzymes research, product development, and production, while DSM Nutritional Products brings its experience in application development, marketing, and sales as well as its international presence in the feed industry.
The United Nations Environmental Program’s 2011 Yearbook Worldwide describes a global challenge to ensure adequate supplies of phosphate for fertilizer and feed in agriculture, while reducing phosphate runoffs and resulting water pollution.